temporary replacements

if sitting and wasting ones precious time,

were to be ruled as a fatal crime.

you would be sitting, awaiting to your cell,

waiting for death to sweep you to hell.


for all the nights i stayed up when you cried,

for believing all the times you had bluntly lied?

for helping you when you were depressed and down,

for making you smile from your sorrowful frown.


i am not someone to take for granted,

nor will i speak of the sins you had ranted.

but a temporary love shouldn’t replace permanent friend,

because a real friend is one to hold to the end.


all those hours and minutes wasted on you,

all the days of you ignoring me too.

to discard everything we once made,

where the temples of our bond had once laid.


you don’t need me anymore like an adult with a toy,

but thank you, because now i won’t fall for this ploy.

for pushing me away for someone cheap,

i will not sit here and start to weep.

i will raise my chin and push on in life,

so i hope you take her hand as your wife.

if she makes you so happy and you want her till the end,

then i hope it was worth losing a friend.


because i will not be cast to the side,

i have too much confidence and so much pride.

never have a friend for their seconds at night,

never throw them away and out of your sight.

a waste of oxygen and a waste of time,

you are by far, committing a crime.