Sharon Maria Moemise

I was borne to live and to spread the love
Yet the life and the love got thrown right back
I got bored and grew sick and tired thereof
So I turned to the streets to live on booze and crack

I soon found myself swimming down a pool of despair
I never looked back, and got pushed into deeper mayhem
Every move I made, every turn I took, I had my life laid bare
I ran a lonely race against time and life, against all of them

My flesh willed me toward healing, yet my spirit said nay
I wander around, aimlessly scrambling in hope of a new fix
Not a care for anything or anyone, till night turns to day.
Lying in the street gutter, discarded like a dusty pile of bricks

When love is out of reach and life\'s reach even further
When all I have to show of myself is a picture of dejection
I reached out, got kicked out, and wonder why I even bother
Now I\'m broken, spat out, a statistic of the universe\'s rejection