My heart is bleeding

And I wish you could see

The pain and sadness

You have inflicted on me


I have given my all

Everything that I am

But you clearly don\'t see

Or just don\'t give a damn


You feel I\'m obligated

That it’s my duty to stay

To try and make you happy

In some sick and twisted way


Uncaring and condescending

Your words cut to the bone

You feel you are my life’s ruler

Sitting high upon your throne


But your reign over me has ended

No more torturing my soul

It’s my dignity I need to salvage

And my heart I need to console


You’re a fool to have thought

I would lie down at your feet

That I could live with the pain

That I would cower and retreat


I have gathered all my strength

Bandaged my bleeding heart

Now it’s time to say fuck you

Raise my head and gracefully depart.