Restoring Rejoicings

Tune: Richmond

(City of God, how broad and far\')

Hosea 14 v.1-8


O Israel, to the LORD return

Of HIm and His ways learn

For you have fallen by your sin

Come now, be cleansed within


Take with you words, to the LORD turn

And His ways do discern

Say, Take away all sin, receive

Us, by grace we believe


So will our lips then give you praise

No more as olden days

Shall we trust to Assyria

But to you our hearts stir


In you the orphans find mercy

You will heal us, so be

Heal our backsliding, love freely

No more with us angry


The LORD shall be as dew, blessing

His people to Him sing

They shall blossom as lilies fair

Strong roots as cedars share


Their branches shall spread, their beauty

Shall be as olive tree

Aroma be as Lebanon

Restoring work be done


They shall grow as the corn and vine

Their scent be as new  wine

They shall turn from their idols vain

True life in the LORD gain


The LORD is like a fir tree green

And it shall sure be seen

The people\'s fruit from Him is found

Prosperous, thriving ground