A Monster Of The Worst Variety

Time has passed so fast and so much since you

hurt me.

Ive often sat up at night trying to figure out the whys. 

Ive used up countless hours of my life crying...crying and tearing myself up to use the shreds to cover up the scars you left on my soul.

Its always perplexed me as to how you acquire the peace of mind to sleep soundly at night.

What kind of dreams do monsters have exactly?

How do your past indiscretions not haunt you every waking momemt of every day like it does me?

Its not fair that i get to walk around with the shame,the guilt,and the hate.

 You are a monster of the worst variety. 

Not the kind you see in a movie.

Not the kind you see in your dreams.

You are the kind that wears a friendly face.

You wear a human disguise to cover up the toxic stench of filth that you are.

You preyed on weakness and innocence.

Your dispicable, disgusting defect has left long lasting venom that has infected my heart .

Without being physicaly present you pushed me to the edges of sanity and mortality. 

...you are a monster of the worst variety..