WL Schuett

Solemn Revelations

The shade on the window 

kept the morning outside.

Garish , grey and miserable 

Christ looks down 

from the wooden crucifix 

on the wall .

Instead of rejoicing 

she shudders

from unending revelations .


A small gurgling creek 

wraps around fortitude.

Blue and purple wildflowers 

by the musical 

water in splays .


Traveling to the left of 

the fork 

till starlight hit the dirt.


Thorns of the Rose 

Violets without .


Intimacy with no submission 

strength to strength 

in a night 

without questions.


Her eyes had the look 

of a smile fading.


No respite 

part love ,

part war .


Beyond her realm, darkness.


A solemn stone castle 

burns midnight blue.