I have empty space

I have reached for you many times


My arms have held the empty air, hoping you were there


I have shed the tears to make a river


Hoping you would float to me


I have dreamt of you alive


My heart has shattered each time


I saw the gray


I met you


But I don’t remember you


Am I worthy


I keep your things that hide in the attic


I inhale your possessions as if your scent clung on under the dust


I got low


So I could reach high


To touch your face


I have tried to live


In hopes of you seeing


You come to mind each time my door pops open


Because nothing is outside my door with the force


I look at pictures but I wet them with my tears


I listen to the same stories over and over


I have your nose, your hands, your humor


I have artificial memories


And I have the woman you love


And I’m your joy


And yet nothing will fill the void you made when you left