Walking her home

With the night closing in several hours before dawn 

Her soft smile turned much more than the street lighting on 

The rain fell the wind howled but the darkness was gone 

From the street from the soul from the heart 


Removing her  glove she took hold of my hand 

My heart beat like it just joined a rock n roll band

Freeing unsentenced feelings locked up on remand 

From the cage that surrounded my heart


Her head rested my shoulder and weakened my knees 

When my arm felt the love transmitting from her squeeze 

Warmth flowed through every  vein thawing out the deep freeze 

As the icicles fell from my heart 


She moved in for the hug that would open the door 

Barracaded defences strewn over the floor 

My face burned as i shook craving one minute more 

Liberty for my battle scarred heart 


Though the wind eased her kiss blew my troubles away 

In my arms her whole body had took on a sway

Take me home if your lucky I might let you stay 

In my vulnerable healing old heart