Well, Shit.

I say it now,
You are a fool to all emotion if you cave
into its presence.
Your existence is demolishing. 
And bombarding, your expectations fall as you are a fool.
Your intuition crumbles, as you walk towards your feelings.
Every sensation of sanity will be plucked from the very follicles of your mindset.
The longer you prosper in this lack of intelligence,
-the longer you lose what conscience and mind is still left inside you.
It will burn, consume, and eat at every tearing part of your soul;
And soon you will be nothing other than a pile of rubbish
on the soil that your mind would once grow in.
Replacing your every thought with grains of sand.
Swooping down, as it crashes you into the shores.
You allowed it to trick you, and now it has the power to- 
destroy you at its fingertips!
You are a fool,
If you love.


(Hey guys, I\'m okay, I just burnt my fucking pizza rolls, and that just really pissed me off.)