dream bigger



 I’m blocked off

Surrounded by the solidity of brick walls 

Their sturdiness comforts me 

Their strength inspires me


I keep myself inside these walls 

No one holds me prisoner 

Except for my own fear and self doubt 

I am my own prisoner 


A select few chip away at these walls

The rest walk by without a second glance 

As though they don’t see the massive structure that blocks out my sun 


The few that see, work tirelessly

But it is like breaking diamonds

I built these walls to last 

To outlast those who are only around for a short time 

To keep out the pain that brought them about to begin with 


One was chipping away for a while

Making great progress

And I too was chipping away from the inside

But just before he broke though, he gave up

I screamed to him through the remaining brick, but he didn’t hear

He dropped his axe and walked away 


I cried as I laid in the rubble

wishing he hadn’t left

But he had, so I picked myself up from the dust, now soaked with my tears 

Molded it into bricks and built my wall back up 


But then there was you

There had always been a gap just the size of you 

A place where bricks would not stay in place 

They tumbled down each time I placed them back 


Could you see the gap?

You always stood right there, but never walked though. 

You stare at me as though you are watching a caged lion

There is no glass

No barrier

Not for you


Please come in 

Save me from myself 

Show me that you are who I want to believe you are 


The walls around my heart are solid, but they fall for you 

Won’t you please break them down and save me once and for all