The Boy Sat on the Burning Deck.

The boy sat on the burning deck

His feet were in the water

 He saw a maiden swimming by;

It was the Captain’s daughter.


She said “Come on down and join me,

I’m sure we’ll  have a lark”

He said “Not for all the tea in China,

You’re being followed by a shark”.


The shark looked up and said to him,

“Don’t be scared of me,

Biting’s not the thing I do,

As the teeth I have count three”.


So in he dived beside the maiden

And swam along her side,

The shark swam up beneath them,

And took them on a ride.


The shark took them on his back

To beaches wide and far;

A common theme was on the sand,

They had a well-stocked bar.


The boy and girl tried all the drinks

Provided by new chums;

The shark went out to sea to eat,

Fish captured by his gums


They travelled o’er this great vast world,

To places far and wide;

These good friends  went together,

Side by side by side.


The three went on for all their lives

Having so much fun;

‘Til the last that was seen of them,

Was towards the setting sun.