Fractured Dreams


Entombed within my own fear built from the stones you threw at me. The embodiment of immorality looms outside my door, its heavy tones murmur through my walls with each vulgar breath it takes. Echoes of a past stifle the air I breathe, poisoning my lungs like a venomous seed. 

A chasm forms beside my aching bones, giving birth to an ever expanding abyss which pulls me in like a seductive lover, kissing my depleted soul, enticing me to the darkness.  In a desperate attempt to release myself I sink my nails into the putrescent earth where my frail body lays spent

Embers burn from what was once hopes raging fire, now a glint of light in an endless void of lost dreams and bitter sweet memories.

Ashes fall like snow, drifting gently through the cold dank air, landing to form a soft grey blanket on my bare emaciated body.  

My fears go amiss
As I give myself up
and surrender to the abyss