Christopher Aaron

A Homonymer

A Homonymer



“Since” I left home, I started out on my own

To waste my dollars and “cents” was I prone

I didn’t have the good “sense” to be thrifty

But the “scents” of success sounded real nifty


I was never a brass “coarse” fellow

Better yet of “course”, was I more mellow

I took an advanced “course’

And joined the Marine “Corps”


I said “Aye” when they called me to attention

But “ay!” It was time for an ascension  

My “eye” was set on being a colonel

“I” craved a rank that’d be eternal


Every morn they woke me up at “eight”

Pancakes we almost always “ate”

And I love milk; the things I mostly “hate”...

Are the raisins they snuck onto my plate


“Ere” long they had me in maneuvers

The fresh “air” made me a fast mover

But I did “err” when I let them take the scissors

And cut my “hair” in the middle of the blizzards




c aaron