Rising within the fall

\"I\'ve syphoned the abyss of Atlantis,
and I resurfaced like a rising Ra~ \"


i -
The art of fantoccini~

Subjoining catawampus ambuscades
marinated in fluoroantimonic acid
besprinkled with triturated reflecting shards
slowly perforating my meat suit....

another blueprint reticulum
to choreograph every movement
every step, as a idée fixe.

ii -
A tie-dyed sphaera~

Pietistical whispers incinerate
caustic napalm psalms etched
into this breathing canvas,

like an abstruse masterpiece
portraying a knurled clown
a reified oeuvre of lechery
streaks as platitudinous haloed hues
ebullient a concocted snicker-

germanely grody,

crowned with gut churning tableaus.

iii -
Shattering hardened roods ~

Walking upon galvanic shards
flaming bits for il mio spirito
as I seep ectoplasmic teardrops
trailing in the path of a crucified el Sol,


you picked up my fragments
only to fuse all of me~

with lemoned sputum
burning deep,
paining me,

as a canonized lamb.

iv -
Drinking the salt of Ephialtes~

Clawing out from this
mountainous hornswoggle....

as a transuding velvet mist
oozes from my gaping wound,

wallowing with winsome wastrels
who conjure lachrymal ruth sublimates
from Dominae Nostrae de Guadalupe;

the gustation of awakening.

v -
The consummation of rising ~

Prorogued from elongated torment
              resurfacing from Atlantis
          like solis ortus,
upsurging from the east
            sharing beatitudes             
with murky sinew automatons~
as concrete pleura\'s drain
                    en masse resuscitated
                              revivified breath
          once again,
La Fenice

a screeching harbinger
of a Atarashī yoake




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