Searched for epitaphs

on cemetery granite

and found only silence

from the unmarked graves.

Beneath each stone

lied an unknown

whose life, though brave

was now a buried story


Had this thought:


How Soldiers die at arms

whereupon we, the living

honor them with medals

and an endless soothing silence.


Some remember life’s end differently

opting not for cold death stones

but for flags flown,

flowers placed,

or fireworks thrown.

yet, Silence reigns at the Tomb of the Unknowns.


Through the night’s bloody fight

into dawn’s early light

crimson and steel quietly yield

to a blossoming white billowy day.


Snowy cumuli float across that muted field

into moonlight’s blue eternal light.

Another day guarding our unalienable rights

Another soundless day at the Unknowns site.


From beneath the Earth reposed in dreams

Unknowns rise on sunlight’s beams

Heroes start their final climb

to Love’s embrace through endless time.