Writings From The Unknown13

Will I Be Forgotten?

i feel like once i graduate high school my friends are going to forget about me.

i dont think it has hit them yet...

that i wont be here anymore,

im leaving..

i will no longer have classes with them next year..

and i wont be in lunch with them.

my friends are going to be juniors/seniors next year.

i wont be walking with them in the halls,

going to the bathroom to hang out,

walk around with them,

talk to them when they are upset...

i wont be here anymore...

will i be forgotten?

will i be missed?

will i receive a text back?

i dont think they realize im going to be gone.

will they miss all of my jokes and how i made them laugh?

will they forget all about me and how i dropped everything to help them?

will they think of me when im gone?

im going to be graduating..

i wont be there to gossip with,

give them gum or get them school lunch,

i wont be there for any possible dances unless they want to bring me.

will they forget i exist?

will they move on with their lives perfectly fine without me?

will i be forgotten?