Used To Be Daddy\'s Little Girl.

We used to fit perfectly like two jigsaw pieces, wherever he used to go I\'d tag along with him like a lingering shadow.
We used to hold onto each other so tight, as if we\'re gripping onto Mount Everest for dear life and now we\'ve painfully let go.
He was my first love and I was his, now he just sees me as a messed up kid.
I was blinded by him, but now I realise he\'s as heartless as the the sinister lightening when it strikes the earth bitterly, when angelic children are petrified to go to sleep.
No longer his favourite and faultless little doll, more like the opposite because I\'m the bizarre black sheep.
Father and daughter, torn apart like an orange from its peel.
We used to smile from ear to ear and gaze at the sunset, as vibrant as a golden daffodil.
He used to wipe away my tears from my podgy rose-pink cheeks, now my cozy pillow hugs me whilst I cry my self to sleep
He used to show me true love as the singing stars smiled down on us, now he has another precious bundle of joy which makes me feel worthless.
My aching heart is pounding like a drum after I\'ve been left black and blue by others and you, but you seem to have better things to do.
I\'m sorry dad that I\'m no starry-eyed angel with a halo over my head
Now our relationship is weeping like a neglected newborn, whilst hanging by a delicate thread.