She is the ocean in the winter,

Transcendent, sparkling, strong,

The hope filled plunge

Into cold water at the bottom

Of the sea, immense waves

Crashing onto the stones of

The beach where they fell.


She is the sun on a spring day,

Warming this cold earth,

Bringing colour and beauty

With her as she arrives for the

First time, blossoming flowers

From bright seeds, beautifully

Lighting up each day.


She is the wind in the summer,

A cooling zephyr that lifts the

Weight off my chest, calming,

Carrying on her breeze something

Curiously new and exciting, a burst

Of colour and a sweet relief

From monotony, an escape from

Overpowering heat.


She is the trees in the autumn,

Standing tall and greeting all

With a smile and a flash of

Reds, yellows, browns, an array

Of colour, a change and arrival

Of something so precious that

It shakes you to your core,

Just as the trees themselves

Tremble with their own height,

Courageous vertigo as their

Bright leaves fall to the floor.


She is every second that passes,

Present and inescapable,

Always on my mind and I can’t

Shake the memory of her though

I don’t want to, she embodies the

Acceptance and inevitable love

Of change and stepping out of

Comfort to face a world of

Beauty when I look in her eyes,

The terrifyingly calming nature of

Change that you can’t climb back

From if you fall.


And in all her might, I fell.