Unconditional Paternal Love Toward Shana Punim

Screaming writhing violent

uncontrollable spasms of abandonment

immediately followed her (like Mary\'s lamb)

where e\'er she went

verbal communication attempt didst rent

ear piercing outpouring

barrage heard clearly by vested gent,

a bajillion miles away e\'en

stymying the likes of Lois Lane, Clark Kent

or special ABC letter writ agent,

when aforementioned younger daughter

raged day and night without abatement


soon after our baby\'s birth

agonizing distress self evident

when bundle of joy became a toddler,

which ordinary concomitent

expectant joyful milestones

hoop fully attendant

with hypothetical offspring

aurally learning oral rudiment

basis of language skill

with instructional accouterment

mastering native tongue
celebratory breakthru achievement

acquiring brisk command of lingua franca

easily excelling telly

tubby \"FAKE\" accent

gibberish with cogent

encoded development coaxed ability

regarding divine acknowledgement

pertaining to obvious delayed development,

when dada decried disabled

doc\'s \"NON FAKE\"

dupe forced mine abhorrent

realization upon crestfallen papa,

that our precious progeny

requisite remedial requirement

versed here, viz poetic abridgement

thee youngest of

(deux) daughters afflicted

at young age initial

general consensus genetic accident

engendered ambiguous diagnosis,

cuz forming words absent

purportedly linkedin with

high functioning autism

spurred self blame abutment,

sans cognitive fluke (most

likely inherited) malady immediate adherent

parental duty entailed, promoted

vouchsafed, et cetera

lifelong intervention convert,

a blessed webbed accompaniment

decades later nearly wrought total abolishment

whereat now grown year old lass

defied wildest predictions, adjustment

witnessed thee cherished apple of my eye

metamorphosed since early adolescent

to secure part time employment

attending Bend, Oregon Community College

and coordinating advancement,

where Shana Punim secured plane ticket

and took to friendly skies to my amazement!