Restored And Returned

Tune: Ye Banks And Braes

(\'We cannot measure how you heal\')

Hosea 2 v.19-23 & 3 v.1-5 parts


The LORD will His people betroth

To Him for ever, not them loathe

Betroth them to Him, so it be

In righteousness and judgement, see

In justice and lovingkindness

And mercies, His intent to bless

And even in faithfulness sure

Married to Him for evermore


And they shall know He is the LORD

Shall be according to His word

And then the LORD shall hear, answer

The heavens, and they too for sure

Shall hear, answer,the earth, reply

And tell that the LORD God is nigh

The earth shall answer, corn and wine

And oil produce, in goodness fine


And they too shall see in Jezreel

Means \'God will sow\' in vale and hill

Will sow His people to Himself

They shall benefit of His wealth

He will have mercy on those who

Had been bereft of mercy too

Will say to those [who were] not His people

You are my people, on me call


You are my God, then they shall say

Shall know Him through each night and day

Shall be restored, prosperity

And times of renewal shall be

As Gomer, the unfaithful wife

Of Hosea, trouble and strife

Did she him give, so God\'s people

Shall return to Him and not fall