Metamorphoses Into Poignant Womanhood

Immeasurable maturation profoundly

transformed thy Shana Punim

within whose corporeal femininity

gravitas resonates and doth hum

whose unbelievable transition, now

follows the beat of her own drum


approximately four years ago,

thee second and youngest born

daughter didst squawk and crow

aforementioned fledging eagerly,

instinctively, and naturally clamoring ergo

summoning unbendable biological

propensity to grow

which, she recognized

to this papa, a regular Joe

who realized, he did not know,

the painful necessity Brexiting

\"FAKE\" moors whar

family cows did low

aforementioned hyperbolic fabrication,

albeit this poe

whit did cavalierly usurp license to show,

(within the third eye blind mind\'s)

pace of autonomy a father cannot slow

as call of the wild for kinder

(progeny) chomps at figurative bit lest...

regret (like this papa), she will


like an albatross around her neck,

thus our twittering youngest

offspring experienced beck,

and call (declaration) of independence

from being shielded

(more so sunken) within dreck,

an abysmal living situation

(with me and the missus),

whose own respective impetus

to get away from hen peck

king parents, which crimped,

cost, and castrated, or effect

similar stunted growth on mine

body, mind and spirit thereof


until ultimatums got hurled at me

extremely unpleasant twee

mend us vitriolic bile lashed out hee

ping loathsome spittle at this free

damned sole Harris son, who overstayed,

and wore out welcome Matt, now re

vile ling forsaken opportunities

forever leaving my mental, psychological

social, et cetera state to atrophy!