kevin browne

All Over You.


I\'d cry an ocean if it was all over you
To rinse out the waves of what\'s new
In telling a story a love poem is born
To face the stars and to ride the storm.

Heaven help me if I thought of it wrong
Where troubles started they were gone
And. there\'re more oceans being filled
Love told a loves hurt, and love killed.

Another million love stories being told
Another thought though of getting old
I saw the stars dancing on the moon
I saw the Sun and it went with a boom.

And, a sweet and tender touch of love
Is a miracle, perfect, a gift from above 
I feel the warmth of a Summer breeze
I watched the birds build nests in trees.

If she\'d let me I\'d be waiting at her door
Rudolf will be ballet dancing on the floor
And, everyone will hear an orchestra set
As Albert\'s hall balconies start to sweat.

Sitting at the back and kissing over you
Raptures and vibes when love comes true
Impossible happens when least expected
When magic happens all for what you did.

Inside a flower with petals all over you
Smelling of roses and a daffodil or two
And, with a symphony of bumbling bees
They\'ll taste the flower for a honey relief.

And a ladies love I\'ve fallen in love with
To keep her loved and all the love I\'d give
Showered over with her and rainbows too
Kiss over her and she wears glass shoes.

Led down in the grass just dreaming on
Find a chord so I could sing you a song
Love in the sky with this beauty of mine
Find a magical moment at a perfect time.

Peaceful and tranquil with it all over you
And, watching the clouds rain as they do
Down by the riverside, swans in the sky
A beautiful thought in which we don\'t cry.

Although love is all over you be careful
Of how it feels or you\'ll end up tearful 
Treat it right and it will come back soon
As the Sun settles down with the Moon.

Romeo and his Juliet kept shouting out
Wonder what love is and what it\'s about
Slaves to the hurting hearts we\'ve had
Because the love over us ain\'t that bad.