Adieu My Dear Muchacha Shana Punim

A heavy heart this papa doth air

signals necessary pang...

this father must bear

though...with muted pomp

and circumstances I cheer

stunning transformation unbelievable,

sans thee as youngest daughter

doth commensurately commandeer

her life by the figurative horns buck haws

self reliance mandatory to attain

indomitable survival deer

to push comfort zones she

lucked out with genetics

that didst electioneer

despite inherent trepidation and fear,

she (beloved, emboldened,

invincible, et cetera) progeny

acquiring, developing, and

possessing radiant flair,

whose sunny countenance

brilliant blinding glare

akin to an angelic spirit hooh did hare

kin profuse joie de vivre inhere

within hermetically sealed armor,

asper this \"FAKE\" junketeer,


where parting with bittersweet

sorrow tugs this longhair

dada, smote by whirlwind visit,

and now oppressive pronounced absence

more painful greater than hiatus near


four years ago, when venturing ala pioneer

(with just sixteen orbits

under your Kuiper Belt), ye yearned to rear

up despite congenital

(high functioning autism) diagnosis


you launched unlimited sky rocketeer

initially requiring parental consent

as dreams tease your fancy

over the rainbow somewhere

reverentially obliged, essentially,

dauntlessly and courageously climbing stair

weigh to heaven as thee define

ultimate goal, bon voyage unavoidably tear

ring at this being, unbear

rubble, who helped beget thee, yet...

cannot do otherwise but


abide by law of nature...unfair

for birth parents to experience unbear

hubble sadness, though starkly oh ware

precious offspring must take flight...

argh grievous heartache until...

sands of time mark many a year!