How can we say that our road is straight?

Why is there a thump
       in your sorrow?

      A broken halo with no glow
when the lump grows
            within the hollow
     where your love dies.

      who is to say
        you can\'t find hope
in a scars home
       where time cries?

       All these dreams
    have never breathed
never gleamed
        in our bonded beam.

       Will you forgive,

      my dissidence
my hinderance
           my negligence...

     please give me
a second glance
          as this first chance
     never kissed your dance,

        where is the
    enchanting sun
         when I found none
    as your star falls
        into my diamond eye?

        Too many times
we have spit insults
         like stinging cuts
without recoil only
      jammed rounds,

       who is to say
           that it\'s over
    that it never was
when our chambers
         still thump as one?


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