Mowed Down Field Day With Redacted Mueller Report

Attorney General William

Barr black marker in hand

kept promise to censor vital

details of Mueller Report

swift as Usain Bolt candidly,

grandly, lustrously, roundly

youthfully blocked out more

rapid than an elegant eland

vibrantly, regally, magically,

and gracefully skirts borderland

which favored topography

constitutes grassland or woodland,


far more pleasing to observe,

than reading adulterated brand

of aforementioned compilation,

distillation, edification, fortification

zeroing questionable activity

upon head of trumpeting brigand,


whose arrivistic, bombastic, caustic,

demonic, electric broadband

outsize ego still convinces

me, thee commander in chief

delegated one or more chargehand

perhaps while delighting as

gourmand savoring chateaubriand,

where his best buddies imagined

themselves in seventh heaven cloudland

every so often taking siesta sans repast

or golfing with grisly handicapped clubhand

non verbally communicating,

in viz sub bully taking a peas zing

cues from presidential high command,

which coterie (i.e. den of thieves)

manipulated social media with nefarious,

insidious, deleterious, et cetera

analogous to \"FAKE\" contraband,


maybe even milking innocent cowhand

unwittingly planting GMO electronic

bugs amidst future bovine fodder cropland

to allow, enable, and jackknife demand

that moost every eligible voter tricked

induced by virtual reality dreamland

with sinister motive for thee \"Apprentice\"

rule his kingdom, and expand,

realm asper Medieval days

declaring himself chieftain of fatherland

and/ or North American motherland


where naysayers guillotined

by uncontested firebrand,

who without provocation

very likely bomb into Stone Age

formerly edenic, lush, verdant

geography into flatland


rendered hostile, poisonous and uninhabitable

nonetheless radiating for miles with gangland

forced labor tilling barren, desolate, fissured

landscape erecting unsightly grand

standing room only (cause he know Shylock)

terrain (reign) vast highland

manor as poobah, and husband

to his only heiress, the former

a kooky monster from foggy bottom marshland.