You Are Like Snow

You came as a surprise to me,

Quietly slipping in with the December breeze;

The one that lifts my curls

Sending cool shivers down my neck

Down my back, numbing my senses,


Yet I can never shake the warm tingling

In my blood

When you look at me

I forget

The train of thoughts that once made my head so dizzy,

And lay at rest in perfect silence

Your arms warm around me.

I wake,

The morning sun pale behind the clouds

So bright and luminescent;

The sun a beacon

Shunned on a stormy day.

The window is frosted over

But I can still make out the ground

Blanketed in snow

So white and glistening it burns my eyes

And I forget to breath;

For I know by noon

You will melt away

And leave me in a puddle.

The ground now brown,

Muddy and wet.

Your foot prints are all I have left.