Behind Her SmilešŸŒ¹

I thought I was the only one feeling pain

Thought I was the only one with nothing to gain

But my girl lost herself yesterday and she cut

I wasn\'t there for her, no explanation no buts


I wish I knew why she forgot who she is

I wish I knew how to make her smile

How to once again fill her life with bliss

So that she knows she is worthwhile


She\'s a dime in a dozen, weird and funny

Short and sweet, but tough and hood

Honestly sometimes I think she\'s the energizer bunny

And always to her friends she stays true and good


This girl is someones lifeline

This girl is straight up the simplest in the galaxy

This girl will show us she\'s fine

Because she aint gotta be more than what she wants to be


I\'m by her side, all the way

I know she dont believe but I promise it to be true

Regardless of whether she believes what I say

I\'m gonna be there when she does what she gotta do


I\'m gonna watch her whoop the worlds behind

I\'m gonna watch her scream \"Ay you got yours and I got mine\" 


                   The End♥