A Gifted Niece

What pride and joy for me to delight,

albeit vicariously upon receiving invite,

sans commencement at

Redmond Proficiency Academy

on May twenty second at six o\'clock at night,

which arrangement to Maurice silly revel

from afar, viz pomp and circumstances quite

emotional, ah...I can feel exuberance

listening to Sir Edward

Elgar - Pomp and Circumstance

March Number 1 - right

amidst envisioned glorious sight,

this prodigal beloved

young lady Marleigh Dunning, aye write

a precious prized progeny,

with modesty all agleam

no doubt with beauty, she twill beam

dazzling full house, electrifying audience

asper her due smarts, i.e. creme de la creme

top honors, and accolades galore

relishing hearty applause, and teary eyes

left for this estranged bro attempting to dream,

how proud such progressive parents

Andy (by the way belated happy birthday),


and Shari dear sister my apology, harried self esteem

(mine), who nonetheless takes stock,

how promising success story doth appear

will take said niece far and wide,

which whiz kid will quick buckle down and clear

as pitch perfect cerulean sky will engineer


experiential opportunities, whose cerebral gear

far and above this average hear

suit uncle late in his existence

admires brilliant storied

future awaiting thee

acquiring an equitable salary

persevering toward passion,

vis a vis art history

with a minor in chemistry,

abundant wit and wisdom

so blessed born free


to choose bajillion options

soon to matriculate at Ivy

League school, perhaps

becoming rich and famous

as hordes of paparazzi

furiously jostle and elbow

to savor opportunity

as demure, genteel, as ideal

exemplar of female human poise -

ladies and gentlemen the renown Marleigh,

whose shining moment under klieg lights,

this financially strapped poet

unable to rejoice in person, qua special day

duet to a pinched finances

arising when Hyundai Sonata,

thrice necessitated monetary outlay!