Poetic Dan

Following examples

From dark to light
my poetic life


This is what my writings are
A place where I showed my heart
Shared amongst poetic friends
Whatever comes up, it is penned


There\'s always streams of thoughts
Flowing from rivers, to oceans of love
Sometimes it can be extremely choppy
Other times flowing more peacefully
Inspiration comes from one and all
This is my part of healing our whole


As this person in my mirror I\'m finally proud of, finding peace with all the paths I\'ve took.
No longer hiding those nervous inner monologues
Freedom is when nothing is bottle up, prosperity comes when we except all of life
Somethings are here to learn and break through
Others things are here to help and support you


In my writings I\'ve found
The strength in weakness
Forgiveness through pain
But most importantly


Gratitude for the who that I am!

Yours & mine