The Swarthy Bard

I Know a Girl Named Rose


I know a girl—her name is Rose.
She has long hair that’s thick and dark,
and big, green eyes like no one knows;
and she can sing just like a lark.


She loves to read, and is well-read:
she’s a genius, and knows a lot—
in truth, there’s so much in her head
to figure out than just let rot.


Glad to say she’s now a student
enrolled in classes at a college:—
how wonderful, how elegant
that she attends a place of knowledge!


\'Ere long, she’ll graduate with honors
and \"summa cum laude\" distinction
with a master’s conferred upon her
to pursue disease intervention.


In all this time, I’ll support her
and be the best friend that she needs;
I’ll be there just to exhort her,
to guide her from life\'s baleful \"weeds.\"