I attract bad people.

I attract bad people. 

It\'s like I wear perfume that screams take advantage of me. 

whether that be, lying, manipulating or plain cruelty. 


Bad people swarm me like flies on HOT food. 

Dishonesty, heartache and deadly bad moods. 


Bad people wrap me up in their warmth and affection 

I\'m a sucker for what seems like a \'real connection\'. 


But bad people, then do bad things that lead to bad feelings 

Though at first appealing... Bad people hold the feelings I am unluckily concealing.


I don\'t believe that these people are truly bad...but they sure act bad to me. 

I\'m their placemat and their doorstop unfortunately.


I hold my hand up high and know that I am no saint.

But with my head held high, I have had very few complaints. 


I want to wash this odour off that leads me to shit places.

I want to scald my eyes out so I can see all people with two faces. 


I want to wear a shield of armour to ensure my peace protection.

I wish not to share affection with any false connection. 


I need a repellent so that bad people don\'t come near.

My heart is stitched with the patchwork cloth that wiped my every tear. 


Each time, I find that I am strong enough to climb. 

But this time that strength seems a lot harder to find. 


Your distrust, this pain the truth you hid from me. 

Has broken my heart and sense of reality. 


I\'m weak and fragile my heart feels like it\'s numb. 

From such a strong beginning... look how far we\'ve come.