Start To The End(Finally)

I\'m stuck with fear I am fear
The thoughts roll in deeper
I need to be alone I\'m stuck
This is my start to end finally

I can\'t do it I\'m giving in
I came to my conclusion
I\'m always gonna be stuck in my head
It\'s over I\'ve lost the war

Ive been caught the fear wins
I\'m just another fallen fallen to fears rein
I can\'t change this relationship
To what a relationship is(Love)

Its all over I know what a relationship is
Your blind with only fear
Only think of others but not this
We\'re not gonna make it

I\'m alone and you have friends
I\'m not in it anymore
You feel smothered by me
You\'ve tricked me in the beginning

I fell in love with the person
The person who did anymore for me
Showed me love and attention
You\'ve played me like a puppet

I fell in love with the girl
Who said she do anything for me
And you took it away
Lied to me and said you still love me

It\'s all lies to the start to the end(Finally)