Greatest Man In History

He had no servants yet they called Him Master

He had no degree yet they called Him Teacher

He had no potions yet He was a Healer

He had no army yet He was a Captain

He had no tools yet He was a Carpenter

He had no medicine yet He was a Healer

There was no mother ewe yet He was the Lamb

There was no tree yet He was the Root, Stem, and Branch

There were no grapes yet He was The True Vine 

There was no yeast yet He was the Living Bread

It was daytime yet you could see His Star

He was softhearted yet they called Him the Rock

There was no cement yet he was the Foundation 

He wrote no books yet He was an Author

There was no courtroom yet He was a Judge 

He won no battles yet He conquered the world

He committed no crime yet they crucified Him

He was the greatest Man in history yet not many know Him

His name was Jesus which means Deliverer and Rescuer

May we all know Him better…


c aaron