Myth Madness

Myth Madness


Came out of my mind rising

aloft upon a rooftop flying

horses of fables, lying

stories below in stables needing revising

(no tortoise or hare racing anywhere)

in editions of mystifying

myths long-time dying

in the midst of time-disguising

ages of wisdom, while defying

logic and science by scrying

crystals and prizing

alchemy though denying

the Earth and Sun rotation belying

their ancient myths.


Ran out of my mind chasing

a steeple, a cross, the way, craving

images in the same way braving

the elements uncovered embracing

idols sculpted misbehaving

in positions of power enslaving

others, their own conduct debasing

and grotesque, but now paving

their way to prisons and dissaving

their nest eggs, while erasing

olden fears of dishonor, waiving

blame, and putting it waving

from the front pages explaining

their daily myths.


Cut out of my mind wailing

a house of too many gables

a suit from too many tailors

a desert without any wells

a party without a garland

a tender peck with no ginger

a college dean driving out west

a grant of land in need of a gardener

a temple in need of a chaplain

a cooper who’s over a barrel

a bet that cost it all

and lost it all while regaling


Now, #Metoo may be curtailing

The way they make all

their modern moving myths.