And For Supper Tonight...

The Missus Prepared Her Trademark Tortilla Pizza

Hmm...yum...after a hard

days night of reading Hebrew,

though I do not know a word,

nonetheless taking leftist to right

correspondence course tubby guru

hoop fully coaxing posthumous fame and glory

detailing mundane epistles about this Matthew,

yours truly indulged in delicious comestible eschew

wing noncombustible vegetarian ingredients,

asper supp pur ream culinary

innovative eats, she whipped up anew

(similar how mine late mum did construe

tasty dishes to buzzfeed famished motley crew),

anyway thee wife comprised something new

microwaved cooked, (the stove off limits),

yet savory extemporaneous hodgepodge

usually delightful originating predicated on Jew

whoosh heritage, sans unpredictable menu

within fount tin head,

where earlier this evening she drew

forth, the above titled nonpareil zesty

substantial adequately satiating

me tummy, which uttered

(rather incoherently) halloo

since supercalifragilous expialidocious impossible

mission to verbalize

with full mouth, relishing anew

analogous when just a whippersnapper,

viz teenage mutant ninja turtle lapping stew

wickedly bubbling cauldron warming Inuits igloo

thawing this adventure seeker,

when a mere hatchling shew

wing fearlessness, I unwittingly got shell lacked

(became nearly homeless) sent askew

enroute rescued courtesy Mister Magoo

aforesaid Eskimos he knew

nursed me back to health

shaman donned as a \"FAKE\" kangaroo

accompanied by apprentice

trumpeting on Taj Mahal miniature didgeridoo,

which nostalgic \"FAKE\" memory

spouse poked das man

i.e., dozing papa awake asking review,

regarding Tortilla Pizza comprising:

whole wheat tortilla, dairy free vegan cheese

organic mild salsa

meatless crumbles

cubed eggplant.