I will be..

I\'ll be the storm that crashes overhead, when you speak your final words, and all has been said.
I\'ll be the face that stands out in the crowd, the harrowing thunder you\'ve never heard be so loud.
I\'ll be the disease, the cause and the cure, I\'ll have you wondering if I ever was pure.

I\'ll be your tears as they run down to your lip, and i\'ll be the wine you\'re craving to sip. I\'ll be your addiction, your wildest trip, as you brave my choppy seas, i\'ll be your ship.

I\'ll touch your skin, with the gentlest touch, and have you feeling emotions in which you\'ll be stuck. I\'ll cast my spells, and lure you in, and when you relize your mistakes, I\'ll show you my grin.
I\'ll watch you struggle, and fight your way out, and take the greatest of pleasure watching you fill up with doubt.
I\'ll be the roller coaster, of which you fear, my tallest drop, of which you stay clear. I\'ll dangle you there, and watch you shake, hoping your shackles and chains will break.

I\'ll be on your mind, all of the time, your first thought in the morning, until the evening bells chime.
I\'ll be your sun, your moon and your air, always here waiting, seeing how much you can bare.

I\'ll strip you down, and steal your humanity, your demolition is my only clarity.