My mother

the door was never locked and you certainly never chapped
The kettle could  be on in minutes with always time for a chat
The soaps on Tele  her favourite, I think she watched them all
it didn\'t matter if you didn\'t .... she\'d fill you in and have a ball

Sitting upon the sofa with a cup of tea in hand
A dog, a cat  or maybe two no animals were  banned
A new moggy was no surprise as the strays she would take in
sometimes I swear she preferred the cats better than her kin

The tea was made at three and the dinner made at five
A strict routine for a house that way as busy as a hive
She must  have been demented with all us mental kids
The washing, the feeding, the mess, items broken swiftly hid

But she was never one to grumble and look after us she did
broken bones and bloody noses, fighting with other kids
She took it all in her stride and helped us on our way
She did everything for her children every single day

A  mammy to six but a mother to many she really was adored
A family so large, grandchildren and great grandkids she was very rarely bored
But now it is time for tea in the sky to be shared with family departed
She\'s still watching over, keeping us safe this I believe, completely, wholehearted