By Sharon Maria Moemise

I find myself thinking about you and loving you from afar
I catch myself dreaming about our hearts and souls at war
The throbbing of my pulses throughout my being
Echoes how, whenever I think of you, my soul sings

I drown in an enormous pool of \"should haves\" and \"if only \"
Wondering if you remember how it felt when you held me closely
I have dreams and hopes and an entire imagination with you in it
I\'m dangling on the threshold of addiction, I must admit

I wish to hear the sound of your voice once more
I just know the effect it\'d have on me like before
I long to feel your lips on mine, in your passionate embrace
If I could only tell you how you completely fill my space

We dance around one another like a doe and deer in a fight
We\'re afraid to touch, cos if we do, we\'ll both take flight
Why do we tag one another and run for the hills when we see
That we both still respond fiercely and with so much chemistry?