Nicholas Browning

The Monarch\'s Ballad

Formidable boundaries encompass all that is known to us,

Time is due, as it shakes the worn road we tread.

Remorse is of no concern in light of all that\'s really spoken -

The obstacles in your path shall crumble and they shall fall -

Bestowing a valuable reflection within you

As the ferocity of your resolve.


These things they do not matter, you are stronger than you can see.

Wiser beyond your years,

Regardless of what you believe.

You have the potential to inspire, the demeanor to perceive,

That all you ever need in life is to be what you wish to be.


So it may not be simple, or so it\'s all they\'ve said -

That despite all of your efforts you\'re bound to wind up dead.

That may indeed be true, but which do you think is better;

To live that frugal period out with hopes of achieving contentment,

Or to succumb to life\'s malpractice and surrender your many endeavors?


Whichever you may choose, I have chosen thus -

I will one day look back and say

That I overcame adversity.

My predictions they stand true;

\"I\'m the Monarch of my reality.\"


And some day, I hope that you can say that too.