Xanthe II

Xanthe II

by Sharon Maria Moemise

I continue to marvel at your growing beauty
your endless laughter, and even louder screams
Your gurgling growing louder, your drool in my face
Never have I loved a little diva more than I love you

your scream sounds like the strumming of an electric guitar
And the twinkle in your eyes like that of an evening star
Your giggle in my ear reminds me of the sound of music
And a laughter that lights up the world, just like magic

If ever a lifeline I needed for everlasting living
If ever I needed a reason to never stop breathing
I look into your eyes and I know my life\'s purpose
Swimming in those brown pools, perched on the surface

You\'re the chain of my obsessive love for life
You\'re the distance and closeness to which I strive
When God created you, He added perfection to mankind
Whenever I think of you, \'tis love from my soul that I find.