Edward Charles McDevitt

The Window of My Life

As I gaze out the window looking at the road,

I see a truck go by with a heavy load.

It brings to mind my life and what I had to bare,

Is it worth a mention? Does anybody care?

Some problems of my own weigh heavy on my heart,

Is the anyone listening and if so, where do I start?

There is no exact time, event or even place,

Just look into my eyes or better yet, my face.

If you peer close enough, you can see the pain,

Closer still a tear and perhaps, drop of rain.

I do have happy times along with all the sorrow,

Better times are sure to come for I still have tomorrow.

There are days that on my face you will see a smile,

I just need to contemplate and sit back for a while.

If I ponder long enough the heaviness will lift,

Put my problems in a pile and gently through them sift.

The happiness will separate and around me slowly fall,

Seems the hefty weight I felt was not there after all.

Looking back I can see that it was just my mind,

Happy times, always there, I just had to find.

May the words I write try and help someone,

The tear, drop of rain, were replaced by the sun!