Where the Wind Meets the Water

So much has come about in my head.

Far too many things having been left unsaid.


There’s a world I am trying to meet.

Under his fancy ne’er will I find a seat.


Tired and hungry all the time.

Wishing for love is the least of my crimes.


Believe me just as I say,

True love will NOT find me someday.


Where the wind meets the water,

I don’t sleep, though I oughta.


I drink in the rain as it falls on my skin,

Each drop like a tear falling willfully in.


Deeper, deeper, deeper my well goes high

You wouldn’t know ‘less you were living inside.


Ground shakes with the moans of my mind.

Laughter hasn’t seen me for a period of time.


It sounds like the earth has given me a shot.

To dig a hole, or grow some flowers on this plot.


I choose the latter, it makes the most sense,

Though moment by moment, the ground seems more and more dense.


The hike of my life, would be the top of a cloud.

I’d fall right through it, but the thunder would be loud.