I was told what to see,

I was told what to be,

Without giving an opinion,

Even if I had dominion,


Trapped beneath this label,

Under a daunting fable,

To never have a choice,

Even if I had a voice,


Drowning in the abyss,

To only reminisce,

Of a lovely deception,

Even if I had perception,


Taken by the pressure,

Without any composure,

To have no where to start,

Even if I had a heart,


Crippled by hatred,

To only feel jaded,

Through the shallow hole,

Even if I had a soul,


Torn by a beautiful lie,

As I turn a blind eye,

To hear myself scream,

Even if I had a dream,


Dreaded by the madness,

To be left in darkness,

With no feeling to cope,

Even if I had hope,


Operated like a machine,

That has no vaccine,

For this uncertainty,

Even if I had sincerity!