To Those Who Call Themselves Atheists

To those who call themselves atheists,

I do not believe you.

This is what I mean.

I do not believe that you are really an atheist.

I do not believe that there is such a thing.

No, it is not that I am naive,

nor is it out of ignorance.

Rather, this is my logic.

atheism is meant for those who say,

that they do not believe in God.

They believe in the theory of evolution.

I believe that you either do not want to believe,

or that you do not want others to believe.

That is why you are so zealous in your fight,

to try to prove God wrong.

That is why you often become upset,

when you hear another,

make a rational argument on God\'s behalf.

If you truely did not believe,

then you would not try to prove that there is no God.

Still, I must commend you,

on your steadfast will,

and the faith that you have.

This is why I say that.

You say that there is no proof that God exists.

There is only proof in science.

On the contrary.

There is proof everywhere that God exists.

It is that very few people make time for Him.

Where as there is no proof in evolution.

Yes, you date back your science and theories,

to thousands and millions of years ago.

Still, somewhere your theories,

either come to a dead-end,


or somehow they always point back to God.