Motorway life

Motorway life 


Up and down left and right 

always traveling but never thinking about the journey

Looking back on the setting sun and driving on into the night 

Up to my dad back to my mum always living in limbo

falling asleep to waving hands and waking up to wooden doors

I look at the constant glass and see my reflection 

I watch it change,




Sometimes driving through winds and rain

Other times through sun and shine 

Seasons, celebrations, moments are all just a blur like passing cars 

But I remember the same faces and those special moments 

While Clouds fade into night skies so do my memories 

For although the lights change so frequently never will my heart 


And I will remember 

I will remember the radio music we sang to

I will remember the toys i brought with me

I will remember the dreams We shared and those we created 

I will remember the knowledge he gave me 

I will remember the games I played with her

I will remember the laughter we shared and the tears I shed


I will remember the silence I brought upon us 


was it the best thing to do?

Perhaps it was, perhaps it wasn’t. It doesn’t matter now

But I will always remember my motorway life