Here is the thing.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, maybe more than others

But I owned up to them, all of them.

This guy is a walking mess thinking he has people fooled

And still finds a way to fuck with my:

My family

My Pride

This guy is lying on my name and I can’t understand why.

He tore up my relationship based on lies.

He reeled me in like a fish and threw me aside

It’s funny because he went out of his way to fuck his “friends” potential wife.

But he is trustworthy? Yeah right.


How is he different?

How am I the bad guy?

Just because he doesn’t like me he lied to his own brother.


Maybe it’s his way of keeping control

To help him feel “whole””

All I showed was love

Even when I was pushed away I came back with a hug.

That’s where I fucked up

People are fake.

The way I feel, I don’t know how much more I can take.


I’m insecure 

Yes I have personal issues

Who doesn’t?

I faced my demons

Cleansed my soul

I just never thought he would believe these lies that are being told

Then in return, leave me alone.

I thought he loved

Knew me

Why do people literally try to take what’s good during on my journey?

Why is he believing this bullshit I feel like I need an attorney.

I love him

So I will wait

I’m going to sit here patiently

These are my last words,

I’m going to Focus on work

Achieve my goals

Because if I’m not with him I would rather be alone.