Simply Jimyra

\" I dont do holidays\"

What if I told you I have trust issues?...would you believe me? Also what if I told you that the only reason I call you every day is to make sure that you like me the same way you liked me yesterday, the day before, and the day before and STILL...the day before that. What if I told you I will always need you to ensure that it\'s me you have chosen. I don\'t need the reminder on the daily. As long as you call me baby and tell me when you look into my eyes I remind you of the first black queen you have ever seen and that is your mother. What if I told you that I know I know im clingy. There is no perfect explanation for why I hold on to your words so tight like they are my favorite stuff animals. I hold on to your dreams as if they are mine. I cling on to the motivation you give. I cling on to the feeling you give when you....man I got off track. What if I told you that I know I call too much? Somethings are taken for granted and I just wanted to let you know you\'re not one of them. Time is very precious and so are you. Time is limited and so are we. Nothing ever stays the same. We are only here as long as time will allow. What if I told you that when I text your phone I don\'t need a reply. Just wanted to let you know that I\'ve thought of you. Something reminded me of you. Someone said something and it took me back to a certain place, time and date. What if I told you I believe in you? Your dreams and your determination. Your style and hard work rotation. The way you still learning how to adult. The way you still play your part and roles in everyone lives. The way you set standards for yourself. What if I told you that every time I see you its a turn on? Watching you be a man in our everyday society struggle. Watching you be a black man. Watching you be a King. Watching you smile. Watching you cry. Watching you just be...you. What if I told you to thank you? Thank you for showing me the difference between a boy and a man. For holding my hand in public. For making me feel beautiful. For answering the phone when I call. For listening to me cry. For wiping my tears sometimes. Just thank you for all that you haven\'t done yet but will do. Thank you for just being little ole you. I know you don\'t do Holidays but this is the best I could do. Hope this brings motivation to your Thursday. Happy Valentine\'s Day to you.

ps. I don\'t do holiday