There are too many faces, so many places
I can’t put my finger on just one.
I’m spinning in circles until my head feels completely numb.
I’m searching for help, but I don’t accept any help that comes.

You can’t breathe so your breath becomes short.
You can’t see, you try to speak, but the lump in your throat is preventing speech.
Even smell is beginning to leave
So you just sit there gasping for air waiting for the storm to clear
But by the time you are ready no one that needs to listen is here.

“What do you do when you can’t see that the sky is blue?
What do you do when your future isn’t as clear and bright as the moon?
It’s crazy because you know you have a future too but your mind is so cloudy you even stop trusting you.”

I can’t keep sitting here pretending to be ok
I can’t keep asking for help I need to find my own way so I’m sorry to everyone that I wasted their time.
It’s time to help myself because I’ll be perfectly fine
What is there to worry about when there is no crime?