Simply Jimyra

Another Notch

What to do when it feels like your heart is broken into tiny shards of glass and you’re afraid to put the pieces together because you know for a fact you will cut yourself on the false hope you once had. Will you give me the piece of my heart I’ve been missing? Won’t you give me the part of myself that I can’t get back? Will you show me the piece of my heart that can’t get you back? I’ll drink you down like there’s nothing left... no peace. Heartbreaking, pace changing and because of you, my life is rearranging. Not purposeful but remorseful. As if you have a certain amount of regret that you can’t wait to get off your chest. Like our time together don’t mean shit, like you just wanted to hit and quit like. Like you moving away have a purpose but doesn’t because you can’t be stuck to an 18year old lost soul who gave her heart to you. I get it....she’s young. I get it...she calls too much. I get it....you wanna go out and live your best life and not answer to anyone. I get it.....the “I love you” that rolled off your tongue was just used as a distraction to get her lace panties off. You got what you wanted and I pretty sure you feel achieved. To have her on her knees praying that you don’t up and leave. I get it....she’s was just another notch on your belt. Just make sure she gets it.....so she doesn’t keep lying to herself