Conned to the End.

The building site was there,

The work was going well.

It was an enclosed place

As there was much of value

On the grounds,

So Fred was on the gate.

A man of years

Who had been protecting,

Protecting sites like this

For a long time.

Not much got passed him

But he knew he was being conned,

Conned by Joe.

Now Joe was a con man

Who could steal things from anybody,

Every evening Joe would pass Fred,

“Hello Joe, can I look in your wheelbarrow?”

“Yes of course you can Fred” he said with a smile.

Fred would look and nothing was found,

Every day this went on.

Fred knew that Joe was stealing

But just could not find out what.

The time came to pass

When Fred had to retire,

On his last day

Joe came out from the site

And stopped by Joe,

He gave Joe a bottle of scotch.

“This is from me for your retirement Fred”

“Thank you Joe, much appreciated.

Now that it is all over Joe

Can you tell me something,

I know you have been stealing stuff,

But I have never found anything on you”

“You are right Fred” said Joe,

I have fooled you many times”

“What were you stealing?” asked Fred,

“Well you saw them every day” said Joe,

“I was stealing wheelbarrows!”